Bear Leadership helps you develop your innate human leadership qualities that Mankind has been evolving for millennia.

These qualities, identified by Harvard research psychologists, include intuition, creativity, paradox, complexity and higher purpose, and are the hallmarks of wisdom and mature adult development. They are the secret to preparing for leadership's unpredictable challenges.

Leadership has been part of Mankind's DNA for at least a million years, from when our forebears first built sea-going boats for dangerous migration voyages. Real leadership is how we have survived, explored and evolved to reach this era. Field Leadership refers to real world action responses to the kinds of unexpected circumstances that have always challenged Mankind.

Now, the escalating global impacts of climate crisis will increasingly need great leadership, everywhere, as Mankind adapts to major disruption and even raw survival at all levels of business, government, and society. Sea level rise can close down a whole city in hours, fires can destroy life for millions in days, floods can starve a region in a week: these can impact anyone, anywhere, any time.

Bear Leadership's advisory intelligence is drawn from long, personal, lived leadership experience in key facets of the vast world of Field Leadership.

Bear's mantra: "Leadership is neither born nor taught, but circumstance calling forth a champion."