SAVAGE COAST offers an almost unrivalled look inside the reality of complex leadership decision-making when almost everything conspires against the expedition’s success, or even its survival. In this story of ongoing crises there are non-stop insights and valuable lessons for those who can expect to be engaged in tomorrow's global front-line climate crisis leadership.

Here is the leader’s true story of Australia’s 1985-86 historic first Arctic expedition, to an uncharted coast in early winter. It’s an epic of what happens to a $2.5 million voyage to the end of the world when all your plans are blown away by a winter hurricane and all that’s left is slow starvation in a frozen sleeping bag on a wave-battered coastal rock, with no possibility of rescue , or of your bodies being discovered, except by hungry polar bears.

Reviews -
"Timeless insights into the hidden depths of leadership”
-Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Bt, OBE, FRGS, world’s greatest living explorer

“Fully captures the reality of leadership.”
- Dr Iain McCormack, Polar Leadership Psychologist

“Deep insights into complexity and unpredictability.”
- Sir Gustav Nossal, Emeritus Professor, University of Melbourne

“Reveals that leadership cannot be taught, no leader is infallible and there is no single recipe for success.”
- Richard Gilmore, Executive Director: EarthWatch Trust