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Bear Leadership is a platform dedicated to high-level personal coaching and online leadership development programs with a solid human focus that reflects that leadership is all about people and community.

These programs are designed to provide inspiration, education and direct coaching for entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and in fact anyone wanting to prepare themselves and their organisations for unknowable futures of climate-driven global upheaval.

Bear Leadership online courses will draw together a comprehensive matrix of insights, lessons and wisdom, and include learning resources from videos, articles, and case studies to other assets from a vast trove of real-world leadership examples.

You will discover an extraordinary amount about the hidden self that you bring to your leadership, and even more about the complexity of other people, vital to helping them understand, overcome and mitigate the challenges that they unexpectedly face as climate crisis changes every aspect of our world. In the end, leadership is about people.

Bear Leadership was created by Earle de Blonville, FRGS, to share his lived leadership experience. Learn more about Earle here: www.deblonville.net



My aim is to share with you some insights on leadership that I have been fortunate to gain in wild and dangerous places, and inspire you to reach beyond your imagined limits to seek your own leadership understandings through your own unique experiences.

For 50 years leadership has been a core part of my life, as a professional mountain instructor helping develop young industry leaders in the wilderness; an expedition leader of scientific and high-risk adventure projects - including four years exploring the Arctic in my yacht; an executive leadership coach guiding senior executives facing career challenges; and as a Doctoral researcher theorising a completely new Harvard-underpinned approach to developing leadership.

What I have learned is that leadership is not an academic discipline, or a set of fashionable theories posited by those with no lived experience, nor a one-week certificate to boost career and remuneration, but a courageous human readiness to meet the unexpected, which always appears as episodic and granular, making each leadership situation entirely unique. For this reason, leadership cannot be taught in a classroom but must be discovered in the crucible of life. And importantly, leadership is all about other people working for a common cause, rather than about you wanting to be the leader.

Until we have faced pivotal or threatening challenges, none of us can imagine who we are as a leader or a team member. Only when we are forced to abandon old certainties in the face of constant disruption to plans and hopes, can any of us really begin to know ourselves.

As you search for your clarity of meaning and life's higher purpose, I hope this mantra will resonate in your heart: "Leadership is neither born nor taught: it is circumstance calling forth a champion". Anyone, anywhere, any time.

Individual Coaching

Options: In-person and Online.
From Single Exploratory Sessions to Three Month Programs, and more.

'For anyone in the mountains at night without a torch to light their map ...'

Exploring the Big Issues:
Where are you from? Where are you now?
Where are you going? What's stopping you?

For Executives and Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Department Heads, Dreamers and Doers.

Changing Roles? Joined the Succession Plan? Newly Promoted? Not a problem. Everyone needs a guide at some point. Often, at many points!

You've only got one life, so live it! Here is a proven and rewarding approach to coaching dedicated to your unique needs that can uncover deep tape issues, address career and personal blockages, clarify values, examine relationships, ignite your higher purpose, and redirect your personal voyage.

Executive Testimonials
“Earle is an exceptional leadership coach and I recommend him highly to any leader who wants to move beyond leadership theory onto living and breathing as a leader.”
- Managing Director

“Earle has been a great mentor with his thought-provoking ideas and wisdom that can only be extracted from true experience.”
- Managing Partner

“I have acquired a sense of real strength and self-determination, and strongly recommend Earle as a senior executive leadership coach.”
- Chief Operating Officer

"Earle brought incredible focus and insight to my leadership development that has allowed my ‘leader within’ to spring forth into action.”
- Chief Information Officer

Highly personalised service limits service to eight client windows per week.
Maximum of six full-time client coaching packages available per quarter.
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