Bear Leadership's programs are gender-neutral because Field Leadership itself is gender-neutral.

Our programs are equally suited for men and women, because Leadership is Leadership, any which way that circumstance calls you into action, no matter your age, education, profession or physical ability. Your individuality is your Leadership's secret sauce.

Expeditions do not discriminate on gender. Same environment, same physical and human challenges, same pain, same exhilaration. Male and female burn the equivalent energy climbing a mountain. Sub-zero water saps the same heat from you, man or woman. The same human spirit is called to serve.

History teaches us that women explorers are just as tough, visionary, and resourceful as men, and often bring more insight, maturity and self-control. In many famous cases women have proven to be better survivors than men.

Gender is irrelevant. Leadership calls on the same human intelligence, empathy, courage, determination, creativity, collaboration, humility and love for your fellows.

The key reality is that we are all in this world together, all facing the same global challenges which all call for great Leadership.