Welcome to Bear Leadership Development!

Bear Leadership is a platform dedicated to high-level personal coaching and online leadership development programs with a solid human focus that reflects that leadership is all about people and community.

These programs are designed to provide inspiration, education and direct coaching for entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and in fact anyone wanting to prepare themselves and their organisations for unknowable futures of climate-driven global upheaval.

Bear Leadership online courses will draw together a comprehensive matrix of insights, lessons and wisdom, and include learning resources from videos, articles, and case studies to other assets from a vast trove of real-world leadership examples.

You will discover an extraordinary amount about the hidden self that you bring to your leadership, and even more about the complexity of other people, vital to helping them understand, overcome and mitigate the challenges that they unexpectedly face as climate crisis changes every aspect of our world. In the end, leadership is about people.

Bear Leadership was created by Earle de Blonville, FRGS, to share his lived leadership experience. Learn more about Earle here: www.deblonville.net