A Powerful Immersive One-Day Workshop 

For groups of 20, 40 or more.

Not a hypothetical, but totally real, and based in great detail on an actual wilderness emergency where the lives of the whole team hung in the balance.

Throughout, each participant is engaged in the role of the expedition leader, tasked with getting out alive with improbable odds against survival.

Who's it For?
Executives, Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders, Project Managers, Team Leaders, Department Heads: In fact, everyone who wants to be ready for the disruption being caused BY our new global climate reality, appearing at every level of every country, government, business, society or community.

Executive Testimonials

“Earle is an exceptional leadership coach and I recommend him highly to any leader who wants to move beyond leadership theory onto living and breathing as a leader.”
- Managing Director

“Earle has been a great mentor with his thought-provoking ideas and wisdom that can only be extracted from true experience.”
- Managing Partner

“I have acquired a sense of real strength and self-determination, and strongly recommend Earle as a senior executive leadership coach.”
- Chief Operating Officer

"Earle brought incredible focus and insight to my leadership development that has allowed my ‘leader within’ to spring forth into action.”
- Chief Information Officer


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