Bear Leadership helps you develop your innate human leadership qualities that Mankind has been evolving for millennia.

These qualities, identified by Harvard research psychologists, include intuition, creativity, paradox, complexity and higher purpose, and are the hallmarks of wisdom and mature adult development. They are the secret to preparing for leadership's unpredictable challenges.

Leadership has been part of Mankind's DNA for at least a million years, from when our forebears first built sea-going boats for dangerous migration voyages. Real leadership is how we have survived, explored and evolved to reach this era. Field Leadership refers to real world action responses to the kinds of unexpected circumstances that have always challenged Mankind.

Now, the escalating global impacts of climate crisis will increasingly need great leadership, everywhere, as Mankind adapts to major disruption and even raw survival at all levels of business, government, and society. Sea level rise can close down a whole city in hours, fires can destroy life for millions in days, floods can starve a region in a week: these can impact anyone, anywhere, any time.

Bear Leadership's advisory intelligence is drawn from long, personal, lived leadership experience in key facets of the vast world of Field Leadership.

Bear's mantra is: "Leadership is neither born nor taught, but circumstance calling forth a champion."
Bear's EXPEDITION LEVEL Leadership Development services are shaped by direct Expedition field experience, plus deep research into epic and well documented, adventure, exploration and historical leadership case studies. Expeditions offer the most profound insights into the realities of leadership.

Expeditions, by their democracy of shared challenge, produce cooperative, constructive and mutually beneficial behaviours that bring out the best in people through social cohesion and creation of shared futures while under physical, emotional and psychological stress.

Expeditions have always been valuable laboratories for understanding how humans deal with situations consistent with the struggles of our ancient forebears that shaped us as humans today.

Expeditions offer us insights into how we can face challenges together and build more sustainable societies.

Whenever you're ready to step up to the next level of leadership development, to be ahead of the crowd as the global call for climate related leadership ramps up, Bear Leadership is here for you.
Bear Leadership's programs are gender-neutral because Field Leadership itself is gender-neutral.

Our programs are equally suited for men and women, because Leadership is Leadership, any which way that circumstance calls you into action, no matter your age, education, profession or physical ability. Your individuality is your Leadership's secret sauce.

Expeditions do not discriminate on gender. Same environment, same physical and human challenges, same pain, same exhilaration. Male and female burn the equivalent energy climbing a mountain. Sub-zero water saps the same heat from you, man or woman. The same human spirit is called to serve.

History teaches us that women explorers are just as tough, visionary, and resourceful as men, and often bring more insight, maturity and self-control. In many famous cases women have proven to be better survivors than men.

Gender is irrelevant. Leadership calls on the same human intelligence, empathy, courage, determination, creativity, collaboration, humility and love for your fellows.

The key reality is that we are all in this world together, all facing the same global challenges which all call for great Leadership.



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Explorer, Author, Educator, C-Suite Coach, Academic Researcher, Corporate Leadership Consultant.
My aim is to share with you insights on leadership that I have gained in wild and dangerous places, to inspire you to reach beyond your imagined limits and seek your own leadership understandings through your own unique experiences.
SAVAGE COAST offers an almost unrivalled look inside the reality of complex leadership decision-making when almost everything conspires against the expedition’s success, or even its survival. In this story of ongoing crises there are non-stop insights and valuable lessons for those who can expect to be engaged in tomorrow's global front-line climate crisis leadership.

Here is the leader’s true story of Australia’s 1985-86 historic first Arctic expedition, to an uncharted coast in early winter. It’s an epic of what happens to a $2.5 million voyage to the end of the world when all your plans are blown away by a winter hurricane and all that’s left is slow starvation in a frozen sleeping bag on a wave-battered coastal rock, with no possibility of rescue , or of your bodies being discovered, except by hungry polar bears.

Reviews -
"Timeless insights into the hidden depths of leadership”
-Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Bt, OBE, FRGS, world’s greatest living explorer

“Fully captures the reality of leadership.”
- Dr Iain McCormack, Polar Leadership Psychologist

“Deep insights into complexity and unpredictability.”
- Sir Gustav Nossal, Emeritus Professor, University of Melbourne

“Reveals that leadership cannot be taught, no leader is infallible and there is no single recipe for success.”
- Richard Gilmore, Executive Director: EarthWatch Trust